TrueVoIP Plans & Pricing

Build your custom solution

Step 1: Start with your users


Metered User

Perfect for low usage users such as common area or break room phones

  • No voicemail
  • No SMS
  • No phone number
  • US and Canada calling $0.025/min

Standard User

For typical office or desk workers

  • Unlimited calling in US and Canada
  • All standard features
  • Call recording included
  • Phone number available ($)

Step 2: Choose your service type(s)


Domestic Phone Number (DID)

Local phone numbers can be purchased new or you can bring your existing numbers with you.  You can even have local numbers in different area codes all ring to the same office. 

Note: Your account only requires one phone number.  You do not need a phone number for each user, or for each concurrent call.


Toll Free Phone Number

Toll free telephone numbers include 500 minutes of inbound calling (outbound is free).  Check with a sales rep about per minute pricing in your area.

Note: If you have multiple toll free numbers, your minutes are pooled between them.


e911 Service

e911 service is required once for each location or site your business operates from.

Step 3: Choose your add-on services, or stick with the basics



eFax gives you the ability to send and receive faxes though the TrueVoIP portal using your dedicated fax number.  Faxes are stored in the portal so you can easily go back and retrieve them anytime.  You can also setup email notifications to keep you informed when a new fax is received.


SMS (Text Messaging)

Send and receive SMS text messages from your business phone number(s) using the TrueVoIP web portal or mobile apps for iOS and Android.

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